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  • Process Management

    The product realization and measurement are the core processes. The process management here refers to these processes.

  • Incoming Control

    The quality department is responsible for the IQC process which is used to control suppliers, verify incoming materials and handle material quality problems. This prevents nonconforming product material to be unintentionally used.

    Perform approved vendor checklist

    Evaluate supplier quality records

    Perform sampling and inspection of incoming materials

    Monitor quality control of inspected properties and alert engineering staff of deviations

    Continuous enhancement of the IQC process


  • In-Process Control

    The IPQC process is used to control the manufacturing process, assembly and testing, helping to decrease the occurrence of defects and to document how any defects that occur should be handled.

    Specific tasks of IPQC includes:

    Perform inspections on assembled and in-process materials according to inspection STD

    Conduct in-line automated and manual inspections in the production process

    Ensure the conformance of process setup

    Utilize statistical control techniques and watch for significant deviations

    Perform in-process audits to ensure methods are up to standard and to identify factors needing improvement.

  • Final Control

    The quality department is also responsible for the FQC process. FQC is a comprehensive inspection that evaluates the products whether they are acceptable or not with IQC and IPQC which ensures the validity of previous processes.

    Specific tasks of FQC includes:

    Perform visual and functional inspection

    Apply sampling-based or 100% inspection

    Conduct reliability testing

    Submit failure analysis reports and alert engineering staff

    Archive DHR document


  • Outgoing Assurance

    The OQC is the last gate before products are delivered to customers. This very important process ensures our shipments are defect-free, DHR is reviewed, and the delivery information is checked. Products are permitted to be released after the quality manager signs the confirmation.

    Perform visual, dimension and functional inspection

    Apply sampling based or 100% inspection

    Review and finish DHR document

    Check delivery information

    Quality manager authentication


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