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Mission: Building success through innovation and technology

Formally established in 2010, Jenitek is a fast-growing, professional contract manufacturer for medical devices that has internationally advanced level manufacturing capabilities. Under market orientation, Jenitek continuously improves the company's core competitiveness and offers a various of micro manufacturing and assembly services. Jenitek is certified by ISO13485, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and has a quality management team identified by ASQ 6 Sigma Master Black Belt and Green Belt.

Vision: Using world-class technology 

and providing outstanding customer service

Jenitek has an outstanding product development team. We apply DFMEA, DOE, IQ/OQ/PQ to each phase of the manufacturing process and excel at shifting complicated operation processes into controllable and measurable actions throughout the creative process and tooling design. Jenitek cultivates an atmosphere of innovation through continuous improvement to product development processes, the use of Six Sigma principles and comprehensive proposals to achieve collective advancement of our employees and enterprise.

Core value: Hand-in-hand,building our future together

Jenitek is committed to being a leader in the contract manufacturing field for medical devices. We take advantage of advanced manufacturing technologies to help our customers to bring new products to market quickly for mutually beneficial results. 



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WhatsApp: +8618136068160

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