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Micro Machining
Micro Machining

Jenitek has offered custom part service for over a decade. We apply our technologies and experiences to advanced equipment to provide the best solution for customers. From a prototype to mass production, we achieve the goals in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Product introduction

Many of our products are used for interventional catheters/guide wires, endoscopes, biopsy forceps, occluders, pacemakers, delivery catheters, orthopedic implants, and electrotome. To remain competitive, Jenitek produces parts with higher accuracy and more complex geometries.

Micro Machining Capabilities:

l Dimension: 0.1mm

l Wall thickness: 0.03mm

l Tolerance: ±0.005mm

l High precision, thin wall, irregular shape, multiple processes

l Burr-free, no deformation, no material loss, no hardness change



l Metal: Stainless Steel, 300-Series, 400-Series, 

               Titanium, Titanium Alloy, Nitinol, MP35N, Platinum-iridium Alloy

l Engineering plastics: PEEK, PEI, PSF, PA


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WhatsApp: +8618136068160

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