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Micro Molding
Micro Molding

Jenitek specializes in micro injection molded parts for medical devices.  Cleanroom molding, High-temperature material, Thin-wall, Insert molding are our advantages. The maximum melting temperature of our products is 420°C, the tolerance accuracy can reach ± 0.02mm, minimum thickness is 0.05 mm, minimum injection molding capacity of 0.1 mm³.

Product introduction

Our parts are used for:

 Radiofrequency catheter


 Artificial heart blood pump

Other implantable and interventional devices

We work closely with our customers to meet their requirements including:

Mold design and development

IQ/OQ/PQ Validations

Process control, documentation and traceability

ISO 13485 certified

Cleanroom molding, double layer light proof packaging

Medical Materials:


Product examples:

This is the tip of balloon catheter for human vascular intervention. The challenges of this product are, big length-diameter ratio, small diameter(only 0.9mm), thin-wall, and surface roughness(lower than Ra 0.1).

The specialty of this process is high temperature PEEK injection molding with inserted glass chip which is a big challenge in the industry. Through mold flow analysis and optimization of mold design, Jenitek successfully developed this product.


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