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Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment

Jenitek has a number of surface treatment capabilities, such as:
l Deburring
l Electro Polishing
l Passivation
l Electroplating

Product introduction


"Burr-free" is the most basic requirement for medical parts. As the parts are very tiny, conventional deburring methods are ineffective. Chemical and electrochemical methods can completely deburr all parts with complex shapes and in small volume, making minimal impact on part dimensions and tolerances of critical areas. It also radiuses all edges and burnishing surfaces while eliminating mechanical, chemical or thermal deformation.

Chemical deburring is applied to very tiny parts and can be time-consuming. For easily controlled parts, electrochemical methods is the best choice.

With its own know-how, Jenitek developed all deburring tools, instruments and processes. 

Electro Polishing:
The electro polishing process cleans and polishes various metals in a special electrochemical solution. An electrical current passes through a chemical bath that dissolves a small amount of metal from the surface, leaving a smooth, shiny finish. Besides removing necessary material and providing high luster, the electropolishing process also allows the following:
l Removal of stress risers
l Corner rounding
l Edge rounding
l Deburring
l Removal of heat effected zones and micro-cracks
l  Improves the product's fatigue life

Our electropolishing process is customized for micro parts. It utilizes custom designed acids to remove metal and enhance the surface for each medical grade alloy, such as:
l Stainless Steel

l Titanium

l Platinum 

l Nitinol

l ASTM B-912
l ISO 15730

After deburring and polishing, passivation treatment is usually carried out. Passivation can improve the corrosion resistance properties of metallic material as well as stainless steel. Passivation treatments improve the surface condition of stainless steel by removing iron that has been imbedded in the surface during forming or machining. If it remains, the iron can corrode and give the appearance of rust spots on the stainless steel.

Passivation consists of immersing stainless steel components in a solution of nitric or citric acid without oxidizing salts. It dissolves the imbedded iron and restores the original corrosion-resistant surface by forming a thin, transparent oxide film.

Passivation is the best method for stainless steel corrosion protection besides plating.


l AMS-QQ-P-35
l ASTM A-380
l ASTM A-967

Jenitek is specialized in noble metal plating, such as hard gold, soft gold and platinum. Our plating process is specifically designed for micro parts.

l Meet the plating requirements of medical industry
l Plating with gold without nickel preplating to avoid nickel allergies


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