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Micro Wire Processing and Coil Winding
Micro Wire Processing and Coil Winding
Product introduction
    Micro Wire Processing
Micro stainless steel and nitinol wire are the most popular metal wires used in medical device industry. Jenitek offers customized winding, forming, shape setting, knitting, welding, end processing and assembling services for customers.


l  Stainless steel 

l  Nitinol

l  Platinum

l  Platinum-Iridium 

l  Gold

Coil Winding

    Electronic coils and assemblies can be manufactured with a wide range of wires with or without bobbins and cores. They have various applications including micro antennas, couplers and sensors. Jenitek specializes in manufacturing customized coils and assemblies for active medical devices, such as interventional active devices and hearing-aids.


    l  Varnished copper wire
    l  Varnished clad metal wire
    l  Varnished precious metal wire


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